Problem with ATV4K

I tried Infuse on the latest AppleTV4k. I shared my Mac Mini folders.

I would on AppleTV4k - Infuse App, when i select Library it keeps showing fetching Artwork. Goes to about 27 and then back to 0 - with 2,885 remaining.

The Infuse App on my Mac Mini successfully fetched Artwork for 2,885 videos in less then 45minutes and loads instantly every time.

What’s wrong with Infuse on AppleTV4k. Why doesn’t it fetch Artwork? Initially i had iCloud on and then after a few minutes remembered i should turn off. So i did, but Library Artwork seems to be faulty.

Please help?

Before you ask i am on latest Mac OS [silicon] and TVOS.

Is your Apple TV crashing as soon as you start Infuse?

No it never crashes.

Since it doesn’t crash when you launch Infuse your post really doesn’t go with the thread you posted in so I moved it to it’s own thread.

It’s not really required to duplicate your first post with each of your responses. It makes it easier to follow if you only post new info instead of repeating yourself.

And I’ll still ask, what version numbers are you running of Infuse and on the Mac Mini and what OS on both.

There have been multiple updates to both recently and it does help to know the exact versions.

Why do you turn off iCloud sync? That is what makes the metadata easier to restore and maintains changes across all of your devices.

7.3.8 on Mac.

The latest version on TVOS which I downloaded yesterday.

I received email from your support to turn off icloud as it causes issues on AppleTV4k. So i turned it off, plus i never turned it on in Infuse on my Mac anyway. It gets all the artwork easily on my Mac Infuse App without any issues.

Sorry about multiple posts.

If I turn on iCloud on my Infuse Mac App and Infuse App on AppleTV then will still need to share the Mac files?

So it doesn’t sync Artwork or local file folders added?

iCloud is switched On in both Infuse on my AppleTV4k and Mac. I created a playlist in AppleTV yesterday and it doesn’t appear on my Mac Infuse. Even after refresh.

Please help

Can you reply to my emails. I am a paid subscriber.

I just get replies we moved your question to another thread and that’s it.

The iCloud feature completely messed up All my Libraries when I turned on.

It created a duplicate of every favourite folder in my mac inf app. When I deleted the smb in mac inf it totally deleted everything from from my AppleTV4k INF APP.

NOW IT WILL TAJE ANOTHER 6 Hours ti fetch artwork and details again on my AppleTV4k.

So I cannot now take advantage of sync playlists etc because it creates duplicate folders on my mac in app.

I do not get any emails you send in to Firecore. I am not an employee and don’t have access to trouble reports. I only have access to what you see here in the forum.

Don’t forget that it’s been a weekend so responses aren’t going to be instant.

It sounds like you’ve added the shares twice causing duplicate favorites so I’d suggest that you turn on iCloud, let it do it’s COMPLETE scan and iCloud sync until you see the “Last Updated…” message on the Library settings screen.

Then go back to your Settings > Shares and delete the second duplicate share. You don’t have to delete everything and rebuild your metadata from scratch. It will remove the duplicates after it has completed a new sync which should be fairly fast. For me it was less than an hour.

If you want further help you can get a screen cap of your ATV Shares Settings screen showing your added shares on both the ATV and the MAC and we can take it from there.

Again, iCloud sync isn’t causing the problem, it’s where you have added the same share multiple times instead of letting iCloud populate the shares.

I just read your email. So earlier today after the duplication i just turned off icloud on both Infuse Mac App and Infuse AppleTV4k App. Then i started to rebuild my library on AppleTV4k which took 4-5 hours to het artwork and details for 4,500 videos.

What should i do now exactly step by step please?

Do i have to stop Mac file sharing first which will delete entire library on AppleTV4k again?

The duplication appears on Mac not AppleTV4k.
I folder contains normal local files and the second appears from smb sharing.
Are you saying i can delete the smb sharing folders on Infuse Mac App and it will not delete them from my AppleTV4k?

So confusing.

Can you provide a screen pic of the Settings > Shares > Saved Shares

for both the ATV and the Mac?

Thank you

Yes but when do i send photos?
. In the current state (icloud is off and no duplication) or after turning on iCloud on both because it will completely change after that?

Right now everything is good after turning off icloud because no duplication and my mac uses directly files on it rather then slow smb.

The thing I cannot do is sync playlists which i need iCloud feature for.

For MAC attached

For AppleTV4k see below

am asking same question 6 times but no one answers in support. Should I turn off SMB FILE SHARING on my Mac and just use iCloud? Will that fix the issues?

As explained my Mac Infuse files are all local drives.

No, do not turn off SMB sharing. This is how other devices connect to your server so they can stream the files from it.

iCloud does not hold the video files, only the metadata, metadata manual corrections, and Infuse settings.

Also, please don’t duplicate posts in multiple threads. It only takes up more time to review those and find the original threads.

This conflicts with Alexis who emailed me:

With iCloud Sync on, you can add share(s) on one device and they will be available on other devices as well.