Problem with artwork on series

This does not work at all. The file is ignored and the folder stays blank. The series folders inside correctly have a poster. The information linked “metadata 101” is not helpful at all and does not address this particular issue.
Its very annoying. Since what to name the jpeg file is ambiguous I tried all versions!!
File structure:

Display in infuse: (Blank generic)

When folder opened in infuse: (correct!)

If I take the two season folders up one level out into the main series folder then I get this crazy mess: CORRECTION* This mess of individual episodes (when dragging seson folder into main folder) disappears at some point when infuse gets round to it :slight_smile:

And just to rub it in, many others (about 40% of the TV Series Master folder contents) work as expected with an automatic poster for the series folder loaded by infuse. Even though ALL have an entry in TMDB. I cannot see the logic at all looking at them and the entries in TMDB

Since the individual season folders seem to work I am going to rearrange them like that. Much better in infuse, bit messier on HDrive

Try following this example for both file name and directory structure.
Welcome To Flatch Name and directory structure

That should pull all artwork without having to replace any.

Also probably the biggest thing would be to consider upgrading to a version 7 Pro subscription. Infuse 6 is pretty much a legacy app that isn’t being developed anymore. With the many changes to the OSs and other aspects it’s not stable anymore.

Thanks - I will try that. I don’t have the year listed at the moment

And you need to remove the series name from the season folders.

At the moment that seems to be working for that series now I have followed your labelling.

The container folder stays near the top of the screen now - outside of it’s alphabetical order. I have given it some time, refreshed and did a quit/restart and refresh again but it seems that’s where it’s going to stay. Is that expected behaviour?

Earlier I renamed all the other series’ that had more than one season and put the season folders individually into the root folder. They all appear alphabetically as expected. I am not sure which way I prefer! If a folder that has multiple seasons somehow stays in its own alphabetical list its probably better to have them all single folders per season. At least that way there is only one alphabetical list, not two in the section - i.e. one list for folders containing multi season folders and another of folders containing a single season’s individual files.

So in this screenshot, Welcome to Flatch is first in the display and the series’ that have a root folder for each season (Black Mirror and Babylon Berlin) arrange themselves alphabetically:

In the drive heirarchy they are obviously different with Welcome to Fletch near the bottom.

BTW I am running Infuse Version 7.6.5 (7.6.4656) version and I do have a subscription.

Check for a leading space in front of the “W” in Welcome on the series folder.

What screen is that on where Welcome is the first one?

You may want to go ahead and change your other tv shows to use the same naming and directory structure since that’s what Infuse uses for many purposes like artwork and sorting.

Good, you had posted in a 4+ year old thread that the user was on Infuse 6 so I thought you were using the same.

I moved this to a new thread. :wink:

Oh no! Sorry about that - I got there via google :confused:

Anyway, there is no there is no leading space (otherwise the Finder would also list it at the top). I also tried the same renaming as Flatch with ‘Vice Principals’ and the same thing happens. This is how the Finder displays it:

This is how Infuse displays it:

It would seem this is how Infuse is programmed? i.e. Folders with other folders inside stick to the top of the list and make their own separate alphabetical list.

Yes, that’s why I said it may be best to go ahead and standardize on this format since Infuse uses this format to get metadata and display it correctly.

Also, even for mini series and 1 season shows do create a season 1 folder for the episodes. :wink:

Correct. When browsing directly via folders items would be sorted by content type (Folders, Movies, TV Shows, Other) and then ordered by name within those groups.

You can try browsing through the Library which may provide a more consistent experience, and will probably let you avoid reorganizing most of your items and adding artwork manually.

Thanks, it would seem that’s a much better way for me. The prospect of reorganising everything with folders and dates was a bit daunting! In the Library “All TV” they get put in one set even though the seasons are in individual folders (as they are now) so that helps trim the display a lot. I always skipped the Library section as it looked like not much going on there except where I added drives! never thought to click it again to see the menu open up!

The only downside is it mixes up a lot of stuff under “TV Shows” like adding in documentaries etc. How does it categorise this? Just Films or TV is a bit ‘macro’. Is there a way to granularise that? (other than collections).

Anyway, I’ll have to play around with all this. As you can probably gather I’m new to Infuse but its really great software.

Everyone has an opinion but for me it makes more sense to fix things so it looks right both in the library and when browsing shares. Adding the year is not as important as having the correct structure for seasons and filenames that reflect the correct format.

Thanks - that would be the best outcome. Not quite sure how to get there but I will try.

So the date is not really important then? Just the series name?

One other question (related topic) - how does the “Library” differentiate between “TV Shows” and “Miniseries”? I am wondering because documentary series’ seem to get into one or the other section. I first assumed it would be things with no “season” name but I’m not so sure any more

Well it’s not important until it is. Sometimes series are close in names and having the year will help keep it from being misidentified. It’s one of those things that it doesn’t hurt to have and if needed it’s there.

Maybe just add it on new shows you accumulate?

That’s done by TMDB, when a series is entered there “Mini Series” is an option that can be set for a series. Usually it’s a one season thing and less than 12 episodes.

You can join TMDB and become a contributor there and help add new shows and make corrections on existing ones. Just make sure that you follow their “Contributors Bible” to a tee. They keep a close eye on new entries and if you don’t follow the rules they will delete your entries.

Here’s a link to help understand their TV show guidelines.

2 hours or so spent in the quiet of late night naming and moving stuff as I went for the Seriesname/Season 1/Seriesname S01E01 folder version. Looking good! Appreciate the advice.
Yes, the date I will deal with when new conflicts arise :wink: much less work and most of the TV stuff is in and out not much later.
Now I can get it right before I add new stuff to the list.

Do movies also need to be in folders? That’s a different story. If so I would need to find some kinda software automation for batch creating and naming folders and moving files. Way too much work by hand! Only issue I see right now seems to be when there are multiple cuts of the same movie, but that adventure is just starting now that TV Shows are sorted.

Nope, for me I just have a master movies folder and inside that for my personal preference I have several folders like “A-D” E-H" etc just to make it easier to find things and keep them in smaller groups.

Just make sure that you DO include the year in the movie file name that’s part of what helps TMDB look for movies. (and the absence of the S0xE0x)

What problem are you seeing with multiple cuts? There’s a users guide that may help with that.

Can I recommend an app? It’s called Filebot, it is limited on free but the license is pretty cheap, does movies too. You can select how you’d like your formatting to be, I chose the Plex file format and then you just drop folders in and it gives you the option for finding the names of each episode from TMDB, (although you will have to select TMDB), sorts, organises and moves everything for you. I’ve found it to be really reliable and saves so much time.

There is a little setup involved and playing around but once you have it all set up, you’ll kick yourself for not doing it sooner. It’s perfect formatting for infuse, and it can also pull artwork and not files too although I have issues getting infuse to recognise those but that’s a different matter.

Thanks for the recommend Momo, I’ll definitely check that out.