Problem with a TV Show

I’m having a problem with Infuse recognizing the tv show “The World at War (1973)”.
I’ve the metadata language in english… tried spanish too. Tried forcing, removing the year, adding another year, but it’s imposible.
Does anybody knows what I am missing? What database is using Infuse atm to take a look to the correct name.

Here’s a link to the show:

Infuse uses for tv shows, here’s a link for the show info on there The World at War - and for the seasons The World at War - Aired Order - Season 1 -

Yep I know… tried with that name, and the “THETVDB.COM SERIES ID79309” but nothing works…

How do you have the files?
Just did a test and it seems to work

I know… that I could rename files, but the problem is that I can’t “force” recognizing as I did with other movies or shows.

Which name shows you when forcing recognizing?


It maybe your naming format isn’t allowing it to work?
I’m no expert but all I did was create a file and put 26 episodes of any files I had in there, when I went to edit the metadata on the first file “The World At War” showed up, I clicked that and it did the rest.
So I did:
Folder - World At War then se01ep01 up to se01ep26

Infuse will look for the S01E01 after the series name to search theTVDB if that isn’t there Infuse will look at it as a movie and then search TMDB. You will not have these issues if you use this format usually.

Try “The World At War S01E01.mkv”

How i get that view in series? Its possible to change the list view?