problem with 4.3 and ifaith signed IPSW

i have an ATV2 with 4.3. I have saved the blobs. I am trying to build a signed IPSW with ifaith 1.4.2 ( i have also tried the lastest version also). ifaith starts building like normal, but when it gets to "processing root filesystem...." it seems to stay there and not go any further. As far as i know, building a signed ipsw and patching the seasonpass .dmg files to the ifaith signed ipsw is the only way i can jailbreak this firmware. I have tried to build the ipsw on 2 computers now and still hangs up at the same place. i do not have a MAC. I am running windows 8 on both of my computers.


Anyone have an idea of what is going on?



Thank you for your help.

got it taken care of.  It seems to be windows 8.  i trieed on my wifes computer with window 7 and i ws able to create a signed IPSW with her computer.