Problem with 3.4.3

First - sorry about my broken English.

When I change in ATV - “Audio&Video” the Points “AudioLanguage” in German “sub-title Language” in German and “Extended sub-title” in ON

  • ATV slow - Begin with Startvideo
  • Remote slow (dont jump from point to point - wait and than jump 4 points)
  • sometimes ATV frozen
  • USB-HD - I change Video and than wait and wait and wait to begin to play
  • After restart ATV i cant see the USB-HD, It dont help USB plug in and out
  • Must USB-HD Power OFF/ON

After frozen no restart with remote. Must Power-cabel OFF/ON

And than start like ATV-USB-Stick. A lot of Writing Lines…reboot after 10 seconds.
than the same and other writing lines

PowerCabel OFF/ON and with luck Normal Start change AudioLanguage and Sub-title and it works!