Problem with 2 series (Lipstick Jungle / Shark)

Hi all

I know managed to have all my series >100 perfectly displaying from my Time Capsule - only those two give me headaches:

  • Lipstick Jungle
  • Shark

I tried everything, even lower and upper case, also adding the year - nothing works. It doesn’t display the artwork correctly, with Lipstick Jungle the 2 seasons show after entering the main folder, with Shark it even displays there some image from episode 1.

Does anybody have those 2 series with correct display? If yes, let me know how you did it :wink:

PS: They display nicely under iOS Infuse… very strange…

Hmm, can you provide a few example filenames?

I assume you have ‘Metadata Fetching’ enabled on the Apple TV?

Metadata is enabled, yes - find 2 attachments right out of the Time Capsule (as said, iOS displays the artwork fine, only TvOS is faulty…).



a workaround just to fix your screen. :wink: Search for a good Jungle Lipstick folder image. Make it 1000 x 1500 pixels and put it into the Jungle Lipstick directory just beside the season 1 and season 2 directories. Name it folder.jpg.

The search for the folder on your apple tv Firecore application. Open it and return to the tvshow section and voila. You’ve got the image appearing.
As i said it is not as it should be but it is working. :wink:

Thx for this but I would prefer it to be handled correctly by Infuse - James, I updated now to 4.3 but the problem persists… do you need any info more from my side?

I’ve just tested both here (using the exact same folder and filenames you have) and they seem to be working as expected. See attached.

Do you have Embedded Metadata enabled by chance? If so, Infuse will prefer any artwork that may be embedded in your videos over that which is fetched from TMDb or TheTVDb.

Hi James

I now deleted all Metadata and manually edited both of them - Shark is now displaying correctly on every level, but Lipstick Jungle still has a boring folder on the top level instead of a picture. I again made sure that embedded is disabled… one to go, I’m getting closer :wink:

Have you tried using Library View on Apple TV? That may be the best option since it doesn’t rely on folder structure, and will automatically organize everything by series/season.

Same in the library view: Shark is now fine - Lipstick only after the 1st level (Top level shows boring folder…).

But a different folder than in the other view, I must add - you can read the title of the series and it looks like a piece of film (not only folder).