PROBLEM wirelessly from hard drive plugged in to a router / Please HELP

Not sure if anyone has had this problem or if i’m doing something wrong!

I’ve always used the apple tv/infuse to access the content from laptop, no problem except need the laptop turned on of course. I though i’d try plugging a 320gb hard drive directly into my router so it’s “always on”. Infuse instanly sees the router and the hard drive and the sub folders (movies, TV shows etc) and it works perfectly and also faster. The BIG problem is that if i then want to add more content to the hard drive, i plug hard drive into laptop, transfer the files and then plug it back into the router, INFUSE WILL NOT RECOGNIZE THE CHANGES/ADDTIONS I’VE MADE. I then have to 1. delete the share and start over. 2. Go into the router and delete the hard drive in the USB setting and rerecognise it. This is a major pain!
Any ideas from anyone ?
Many thanks

Are you connecting to the router via UPnP or DLNA? If so, there can be a short delay before the router indexes the content and makes it available for apps like Infuse.

If you are to connect using SMB instead, then Infuse will be able to see the new content right away.

Hi James, thanks for replying. I checked last night and it was UPnP. I deleted that share (it’s the name of the router) and seleted the other one availabe, same router but named as an IP address, it was SMB. That connected and worked immediately and also gave me a library viiew tha t he UPnp didn’t. I ddnt get a chance to see if this has fixed my problem yet (dismounting drive and adding files then not being recognised) but i will chck that later. Many thanks again for replying so promptly

Ok great!

Using SMB will allow you to utilize the Library in Infuse which IMHO is the best way to browse. A bit more info on customizing this if you are interested can be found here.

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