Problem when installing aTV Flash 3.2


My Apple TV has firmware 2.1 installed.
I never used aTV Flash before.

I purchased aTV Flash 3.2 and created an 1 GB USB Flash Drive successfully, following the instructions.

However, installing it on my Apple TV following the instructions in the Easy Start Guide was NOT succesfull.
Here is what happens:

  1. I unplug the power form my Apple TV
  2. I plug in my USB flash drive
  3. I power on the Apple TV
  4. I do see the Apple Core logo and I do see the text start scrolling on the left of my screen

Now I am supposed to see an install confirmation but… I do NOT see that confirmation.
Instead the scrolling text has stopped at a line with text ending with: “…penbuntu login: _”

It seems to hang and wait for (login) input here.

After that, nothing more happens. When I continue follow the instructions by unplugging and re-plugging the power at the Apple TV, my Apple TV boots without any new features or menu entries.

Please advise.

Thanks a lot,

Ron Gijzen

I had the same problems with a 2GB drive. I bought a 128mb drive and used that successfully.

Yes, it is a flash drive compatibility issue. We’ve seen the same problem before. Try a different flash drive, or pick up one of the ones we recommend.