Problem update 7.5.9

hello, after updating to 7.5.9, I found myself with a dropbox indexing with a loading of 45,000 metadata, moreover I currently have 450 movies that are doubled and 50 movie metadata disappeared, I will have to redo them by hand because they are not recognized.

Am I the only one having this problem?

The update has to rescan the TV shows to locate the miniseries so that takes a little bit mine took about an hour.

I’m guessing the doubles and missing will fix itself after the resync.

for the moment I have no improvement, the synchronization with dropbox is looping.

Strictly a wild guess on my part but with a cloud service it may take multiple segments of syncing so as to not overload the traffic in the api. I’d just let it run till it quits the sync cycles.

Sorry I can’t be more help but I don’t use a cloud account for files.

Thanks anyway, I’ll update the topic if it’s fixed.

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I have the impression that this is a problem with infuse because when I try to launch a duplicate, I have an error message “an error has occurred, an error has occurred while loading this content”

Problem solved, the last synchronization handed over the library

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Great! I thought it may do that since I’d had it happen before for me even without a cloud service. :+1:

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