Problem to access files on a hard drive plugged into a macbook

My first post on this message board.
I’ve been using the app on my apple tv for a couple of month and i really like it.

I’v got an apple TV plugged to my TV
I have a movies on my macbook. I also have some on an external hard drive plugged in to the macbook.

The only folder i can access from infuse is the folder movies.
I tried to set up an access to my hard drive and it says an error occurred, access denied.
I tried to change the sharing features but it still doesn’t work.

Any idea where the problem could come from?

Thank you very much!

Welcome to the forum!

First, you’ll need to do a get info on the external hard drive and check the shared folder option. You’ll also have to go back the the share in Infuse and select add favorite and there select the external hard drive. That should get you where you can browse the external drive. You may have to go into the sharing setup on the Mac and make sure it’s set up to share their also.

Thank you very much for your reply.

I’ve tried what you recommend but i still have the error.

Weird things is i can access the folders “movies” (called videos in french) and “music”. No other and not the hard drive

Please find attached screen shot of:

  • my tv with the error message when i try to browse the hard drive to add it as favorite
  • my sharing options for videos and for the hard drive

Thank you so much for your help. i so much want to get this sorted

Under System Preferences on the Mac go to “Sharing” and make sure you have File sharing turned on and under the “Options” you have share files and folder using SMB turned on and you have a check next to your ATV user name.

From your screen prints it looks like something on the Mac is refusing the connection so it may be a username password issue too.

Thank you so much. You pointed me to the good direction.
I had an issue with the name of my account on the Mac. Somehow it changed. I managed to modify it and it is now all good.
I’m able to have more movies on the App TvOS. It’s amazing, i think i’ll purchase the lifetime Pro version

Lifetime is the way to go! Glad you’re enjoying it. :slight_smile:

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