Problem Syncing Watched Status on iPad Mini Gen 2

Dear Friends ! I dont want to create a new topic since the question is similar. Im using this fantastic product on AppleTV, iOS, iPad. I have enabled sync via iCloud and also Trakt since i have shared my subscribtion with my wife and we would like to have the played media synced also. I have sadly troubles on my old iPad Mini 2 with iOS 9.3.5. with Infuse Pro 6.1.5 (2714). The iCloud sync is not available (and also maybe not needed) and Trakt makes me some troubles. The only thing i would like to achieve is syncing the play status (therefore Trakt…). I click on the Trakt icon, login from Infuse, put my login credentials, hit OK, but the page goes blank. I hit refresh and im logged in into my Trakt account. So it seems to be, that im “synced” but sadly not. I think i miss (with the white-blank screen) some confirmation dialog or something. Its a bit hard to describe, but maybe its possible to understand. I know my iPad its old gear, Infuse runs (surprisingly, absolutely awesome!) totally fine, just the “out of sync” thing annoying :slight_smile: Maybe exists some workaround.

Thank you very much !