Problem Sync Emby


I have all set with Emby on my Apple Tv and i have a problem with sync in one show.
On Californication only appear one season!! On the other series are all ok!!!

Anyone can explain how to fix this?


Can you check to ensure you are using the latest version of InfuseSync (1.2.1) in Emby?

Also, after updating plugins, it’s best to restart your Emby server.

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Hi James,

Yes, i have the last version.
I did a reboot to my Nas and to Emby server but still dont get the all 7 seasons…only 1!!!

I remove all from infuse and put all again and still with the same problem.
I dont understand why on Emby i have all correct and in Infuse Californication Serie i only have one season!!!
Its the only serie i have this issue…


Hi @james,

The problem is on Apple TV because on my iPad the season’s are ok.
Any idea??


Are you logged in with the same Emby user on both devices?

Hi @james

Yes, i only have one account.

And i change cover on Emby to check if is working and it change on apple tv. So its the right account…i just dont understand why that serie on apple tv dont get all seasons


Would you mind sending in a report from both devices (Apple TV and iPad) so we can investigate this further?

Apple TV
Settings > Submit Diagnostics

Settings > Email Us

You can just post the 5 digit codes here. No need to send a separate email. Thanks!

Hello @james,

Ipad Pro 11: FF0WE
Apple Tv 4K : YF84H

Any help just ask…

In testing version via TestFlight its equal…same problem!!

Best regards


Hi @james, any news?


We’ve looked into this a bit, and it seems you may have different library selections on each device.

To check this, can you navigate to Infuse > Settings > Library and ensure the same items are selected on both iPad and Apple TV?

Same Emby share. Has to be the same share because it’s the only one I have and when I make a change on cover they get the change on both!

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