Problem subtitles arabic ( RTL ) Look at the pictures

Everyone knows that the Arabic language is spoken by more than 22 countries in the world, and everyone knows that it is spoken from right to left, not from left to right.

There are some subtitles of the infuse app where the point is . And - inconsistent

For example, the point is on the right, and it should be the last on the left

Likewise - it should be the first line on the right, but in Infuse it should be the last on the left

But the question mark? Works fine and finally comes to the left

(This problem occurs with some, but not all, subtitle.)

Two experiments were done on the mx player application, and it fully supports rtl

And do an experiment on infuse

Look the difference

‏The subtitles of the movie used … Do the experiment from the minute 3:30

This mx player look (very good RTL )

Look at infuse

Note: This problem does not occur with all movie subtitles…it only occurs with some

It may help if you provide a non working sample and a working sample subtitle file.

This is an excellent example of Infuse

Bad model on Infuse app
The point is on the right
Also - it should be on the left (presumably right).

Things happen the other way around

Quotation marks … which should be left … appear on the right

And the quotation marks that should be right… are shown on the left

Things work the other way around

Also, there is an opportunity to be a translator for infuse. You can ask James if you’re interested. Don’t know if any position is available or not.

Everything related to the Arabic language is ready to do the experiment and translation and tell you the problems

@james where are you ?

It may take a bit before this can be addressed since it’s been less than a day since you started this thread and there are a ton of things already in progress with Infuse.

Since you’re able to find a subtitle file that works correctly from opensubtitles then for now you have a feasible work around.

The problem my friend. . The Arabic translations of some series are available, of which only one or two are available, and not many … and when downloaded, the translation appears in a bad way, not supported by RTL

I think, in my opinion, this is a problem that deserves urgency because it is basically linked to something essential, which is translation

We subscribe to watch movies and series beautifully without any impurities :grin:

I am not an expert in the Arabic language, but it appears there may be some inconsistencies in punctuation placement in the 2 subtitle files you referenced. I don’t know if this was an error made by the creator of these subtitles, or perhaps an intentional decision aimed at having a specific effect when the subtitles appear on screen.

I tested each file in Infuse and VLC and the placement of punctuation appears identical in both.

Here are a few screenshots for reference.

Example 1 - text
(period is placed on the right side of the text)

Example 1 - Infuse

Example 1 - VLC

Example 2 - text
(period is placed on the left side of the text)

Example 2 - Infuse

Example 2 - VLC

Of course, there are some textual styling differences since each app has the ability to customize various appearance options (and each comes with a different set of defaults) but as you can see the text and punctuation placement appear to be identical in both apps.

Hi @james
infuse and vlc…there is no difference between them in the RTL problem, I know that

Look at the pictures that I placed in the intended topic MX Player Android TV

It has an option in the settings to activate RTL, and when it is activated, all translation and quotation marks problems are solved

The first two pictures (example1 )you posted, there is no problem with the point. On the left :+1:
But in the text file there was an error in the dot on the right

But the last two pictures (example2) you posted
the point. I became right and - I became left
This is an error, assuming the opposite

Likewise in Example No. 2 that you. In the text file, everything is great - on the right and the dot. on the left

Why in infuse the opposite appeared
It appeared - left and the dot . Right.

Correct example
.مرحبا ياجيمس-
.انت مبدع-

Error example
-مرحبا جيمس.
-انت مبدع.

I think this problem occurs when the subtitle creates an SRT file and the computer is in Arabic, so it handles the texts correctly

But when the subtitle is a computer in English, and he creates an srt file, he places quotation marks in different places to read LTR, but he places them correctly.

Many companies and applications create an RTL button or option

The subtitle edit application contains many options related to RTL

When the text file is right (supported)
It appears on Infuse the opposite (not supported)

When the text file becomes - . (Not supported)
Shows in Infuse (supported)

Things are going wrong and I think he’s just dealing with LTR

Therefore, the problem occurs in some translations
Because some people create an ltr file and put the quotation marks correctly

But the problem occurs when creating an rtl file

MX Player android tv application when rtl option is activated
All subtitles have no problem
It was rtl or ltr

Final note: The problem is not only - and. Of course there is ( )!
The option setting infuse to activate subtitle files reading from right to left must be set

I understand what you are asking for, but arbitratily moving manipulating the placement of punctuation could lead to a number of expected issues.

We’ll need to put some thought into this before any changes can be considered for a future update.

‏- . ( ) ! … …
No replacement marks or problems
‏In short, make srt files read from right to left
‏The problem will be solved automatically

Suppose this is an srt subtitles file
See the first picture, the signs are opposite
When I changed the text alignment, everything was fine

Also .srt files

I put the example because I am not on the computer :grin:

Thanks @james
We hope that there will be no delay in fixing the problem because it spoils the viewing (thank you for your efforts)

Despite constant updates
This problem was not taken care of

It is a fundamental problem and spoils the beauty of viewing :grin:



For example, try this code and then:

Try the two srt files that I put at the beginning of the topic. Are things great?

func reverseSrtLines(srtText: String) → String {
let entries = srtText.split(separator: “\n\n”)
let reversedEntries = { entry in
let lines = entry.split(separator: “\n”)
let reversedLines = { line in
let characters = Array(line)
let reversedCharacters = Array(characters.reversed())
return String(reversedCharacters)
return reversedLines.joined(separator: “\n”)
return reversedEntries.joined(separator: “\n\n”)

This mx player android tv :+1:setting