Problem streaming files on Mac Mini when display sleeps

I’m having a problem since the update
When my Mac mini turns the display off after certain time I can’t watch shows on Apple TV or iPhone. I get the little circle searching when I go over to my Mac mini (m1) and wake the display I am able to find my shows on both devices NOTE: the Mac mini is hooked up to a external device with video AND I’m using PLEX server AND the computer is not in sleep mode it’s scheduled to sleep at midnight and my VPN is off it was working with the vpn on
This was working up until the update
I hope you can find some thing
thank you

Have you checked the Mac Engery Saver prefs and made sure you have the “Prevent computer from sleeping automatically when the display is off” checked? Sometimes on OS updates sys prefs get reset.


You are correct but I think this works too
The box was unchecked for access network
Under energy saver Thank you

If you’re going to use this you may want to make sure you have the mac address in the advanced share info. That helps to make sure it gets the wake packet.

Also don’t get the WiFi and the Ethernet MAC addresses mixed up. :wink:

If streaming being is done through Plex then there won’t be an option for a MAC address. :slight_smile:

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