Problem playing VOB files

I have recently installed aTV Flash & have been successful in playing MP4s etc. but I do not seem to be able to play any of my movies that have been ripped into VOB files using DVD decrypter.
Saphire reboots the ATV & Nito just hangs when the file is selected.

Any ideas?

Hi there!
Sapphire is supposed to crash, it doesn´t support .vob.
Nito needs a valid dvd-file structure meaning moviename/video_ts/ifo & vob files
Don´t select a single vob and try rebooting atv a couple of times, that always helped me. Once it works, it works all the time. You did run smart installer, yes? In nito settings select “straight to menu”

There is a video guide that outlines the process for playing DVD files here:

Thanks for the replies.

I had run smart installer & believe my file structure to be ok, however I was trying to run the files direct from an external hard drive rather than dragging them into the movies folder on ATV… Could this be the problem?

I had originally wanted to stream them from my Mac mini, but I am struggling to get the ‘share’ to work.

Playing them from an external drive is supported. Just be sure you are using the nitoTV plugin for playback, as the other plugins will not support DVD files.

Thanks, this is now working

NITO is hanging for two dvds that have been correctly brought over with intact VIDEO_TS folders. There is a select sound repetitively playing [dut, dut, dut]. I have ran smart installer and reset the tv by unplugging the back like the wiki suggested. Any ideas?