Problem playing video files in MKV


I encounter on some video files playback difficulties since Infus Pro 7.

Yet I have the application up to date! My sources are blu ray discs that I copied with the MakeMKV software.

I can read his files with another player (VLC not to mention it) without any problem, but this solution does not satisfy me.

Are there people here who have this kind of concern? For the moment, this bug for 2 boxes of blu ray, the others, I manage to View perfectly.

Thank you for your feedback.

Can you describe the issue you are seeing when playing these files?

Which version of Infuse are you using?

What device are these being played on?

The version is Infuse Pro 7.5.4 (4425).

I’m using a 2021 Apple TV 4K 64GB “tvOS 16.5 (20L563)”

I have as a concern when reading the first files concerned, the images that jerk, tumbling of the image and problem of the sound that also jerks.

Then for the second files, the image remains fixed for about ten seconds, the sound is good then everything becomes normal until the moment or for the sound either I have a huge buzzing sound or the dialogues are incomprehensible and the image freezes every 4 to 5 seconds and it can last more than 15 seconds.

This is the problem I am having otherwise I have no problem with my other files!

I specify that my files are taken from commercially purchased discs (legal circuit), they are not files made from pirated copies!

The blu ray discs concerned are French editions intended I believe only for the French, Belgian and Swiss market.

Thank you in advance for the help you can give me!

It sounds like this may be a file-specific issue.

If possible, could you upload one of the problematic files for us to review?

Files up to 50GB can be uploaded here.

hello i sended the files and a record of what happen on my tv with “amicalement votre”(the persuaders).

Thanks for future reply.