Problem playing music

Ok, i haved add a music directory that is pointed to my NAS. The artist folders can be seen but when i enter the folder it says no playable content. Also if i stay at the folder level the play as playlist option is greyed out. The folders just contain mp3’s encoded 128K~320K, nothing special. What am I doing wrong. Do you have to wait for ATvflash to scan the directory. Any help would be welcomed. :blush:

I have exactly the same problem when try to play music (MP3) from NAS folders : only pictures  and message : “there is no playback…”  or similar.

I did it with several folders and two different NAS, always the same.

Please give information how to play music !!! 

I assume you are using the latest Media Player (the one that has just been released)? It is worth checking as the symptoms you describe are what I would expect with earlier releases which did not have music support.

I’m running the latest versione of  BETA 0.7 of Music Player,  installed  via Maintenance menu. The problem is inside the new software version.

OK - it is just that I have no problems seeing mp3 files with the latest Media player, while I had the symptoms you describe with the earlier release.

Just to harp on a theme, we’re you upgrading from an earlier release? I am asking as my first attempt to upgrade Media Player failed. I had to reboot the system; ssh in and do a “dpkg --configure -a” command, and then remove and re-install the Media player via the Maintenance menu before it worked as expected.

@itimpi :  Thanks for your suggestion :  I will do later what you recommend ;  also if the changelog is saying Beta 0.7  and no errors on installing from maintenance, my  feeling is that many features of the last release are not available  on my ATV. I will start from scratch  and will see…!  Greetings from gigi

Which version of AppleTV software are you running?

The latest version of aTV Flash (black) is Beta7, but Media Player is at version 0.8. The newer versions of MP are are only available for the iOS 4.3 ( based AppleTV firmware versions.

If you’re running an older version your best option may be to re-jailbreak with the latest version of Seas0nPass (this will update your AppleTV to 4.3) then re-install aTV Flash (black).

Updated IOS re-jailbroke and did fresh install, Thanks to All seems to work fine now.

Followed itimpi and james recommandations to re-jailbreak and  re-install completely ATVflash black !

Now everything is working fine and  in a very satisfying way!  thanks for support and congratulations to FireCore team  for the contents of BETA 7 !

I’m enyoing  a lot.:slight_smile: