Problem Overriding Artwork for BDMV

I’m trying to add my posters to blu ray bdmv files but it does not work. I have tried placing and naming in different places.

Like here, I tried putting them next to the bdmv folder. It also didn’t work when I named them after the movie name instead of “BDMV”.

I also tried putting posters in the stream folder (inside BDMV) and naming them “0000.jpg”, “0000-fanart.jpg” etc
because the movie is called “0000.m2ts”.
It also didn’t work sadly.

If anyone knows how I can do this I’d be very thankful!
Thanks in advance!

What’s the parent folder to the BDMV folder named? You might want to try adding them there.

  Movie Title (2023)
    Movie Title (2023)-poster.jpg


I solved it!
it needs to be outside the movie folder with the BDMV.
Like this

Thanks for the help anyways!

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