Problem of position in a subtitle(srt)

Dear ,

When I use infuse 7 for TVOS to watch tv show with .srt format subtitle file, I notice that some format function cannot be proceeded by infuse.
Would you please advise how to handle or waiting for future update?

Here’s example.

01:31:56,887 → 01:31:58,012
{\pos(250,270)} Come on. Who needs
something like this?

00:00:42,140 → 00:00:44,070
{\fs18}{\an8}{\pos(190,5)}5 days

something like this?

Will infuse support it? {\fs18}{\an8}{\pos(190,5)}


infuse 7 support it?

This is a question that the developer is probably going to have to answer and it’s a weekend so it may take a few days for them to look into this.

any update?