Problem: Newly added movies made a disarrangement among already added movies

I experienced a problem when I added new movies in my HDD folder connected to Apple TV 4.
I had synced all my movies and manually searched for the right cover and info on some of the movies.
When I then, a week after, added five new movies almost all covers and sync was disarranged so almost no covers was anymore connected to the right file/movie.

What happened? Is this a common problem? How can I secure that it will not happen again? Any setting that I have missed?

I have the PRO-version of Infuse.

Sorry about that. What type of device are you streaming from?

Also, do you know if your Apple TV is running low on disk space? The Apple TV will discard certain app data in order to make room for new data if/when needed, so this can lead to issues like this. FWIW, we’re working on a better way to handle this for an upcoming version.

I stream from a Asus router. I have one 1TB HDD connected to the router, with a lot of space left.
I have the Apple TV with the biggest internal memory and hardly anything downloaded so there should be a lot of memory left.

Do you also know how Infuse is connecting to your router? UPnP/DLNA devices can often re-index themselves, which cause the files to appear in a different structure to apps like Infuse. This could explain some of the issues you are seeing.

If your router supports streamlining via SMB (Samba) this would probably be a better option, as Infuse is able to access the files directly.

I have now switched to SMB. I get back with an update later.
Thank you.

Had my NAS DLNA enabled and it was extremely slow, went and turned that feature off and switched SMB2 on and now i’m getting 80-90 MB/s read and write.

Awesome! That’s great to hear. :slight_smile:

I works perfectly now when I switched to SMB. Thanks alot for the solution! :slight_smile: