Problem Mouting a Network Storage onto NitoTV

Currently with latest ATV (3.0.1) and ATVflash (4.0.1) versions.

I have a western digital 1Tb network storage device connected to my Linksys wireless Router on the same network that my Apple TV is connected.

Before actually purchasing the ATVFlash SW, I have been using XBMC without any problems - it easily found the storage and mapped the share with all my avi movies.

Now I’m trying the same going into Nitotv -> Network. At this window, I can see the network storage called MyBookWorld, but when I select it, it brings me a message saying Network Mount Failed. AFP is not enabled properly or is missing essential components; Smart Installer with a 1.0 recovery dmg in \documents will fix this.

I have read through some of your threads and have already installed nito Smart Installer yesterday - now when I go into Maintenance -> Settings under Nito Smart Installer it shows last run with yesterday date - have also rebooted ATV since then.

All I have on my storage are a couple of folders with a lots of movies inside

Any idea on how to mount this?


Ditto. I have the exact same issue after upgrading to ATVFlash 4.0.1 and AppleTV 3.0.1. I only use nitoTV and Sapphire and both are not functioning, as all of my movies on on NAS drives. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Does that mean that you had it working before the upgrade?
Since this is my first experience with ATVFlash, I started already with the latest versions (AppleTV 3.0.1 and ATVFlash 4.0.1), thus no clue as to whether it would work with previous version…

I get the same error! Can anyone help us?

Yes, both NitoTV and Sapphire worked great with NAS via SMB. It also seemed to work with AppleTV 3.0 and ATVFlash 4.0, but not after Apple upgraded to 3.0.1 to fix an issue that they had, since then ATVFlash released 4.0.1 and it won’t allow you to run SmartInstaller, which has a numberr of the ultilities for SMB protocol and USB storage. It looks like from the threads that some folks may have it working, but they did Factory Restores. I don’t want to have to do that again, as it take a lot of time to resync all of your music and movies from iTunes. I really hope that their is a patch 4.0.2, which solves this critical issue that seems to have affected many loyal ATVFlash customers. I’m hoping that the engineers at ATV can help solve this soon. I starting to get frustrated, since this has been broken since last weekend.

I would like to report the exact SAME problem, Apple TV 3.0.1 and ATV Flash 4.1. NitoTV and Sapphire are totally useless now…

Now what?

By default the AppleTV will attempt to connect via the AFP protocol, however most newer AppleTV units will not support this protocol. The SMB protocol can be used in its place by setting up a ‘Manual Share Point’. We have a guide for setting this up at the link below.

If you’re having trouble setting up the share point, let us know and we can help walk you through it.

I did followed the instructions on the link above and after some time, was able to mount, but with some problems.

Since I use a NAS, I did not setup anything within my iMac or PC, but instead used the SW provided with the NAS (Western Digital) to create the Share

In NitoTV network settings, I had to select the IP address of NAS (when I selected it’s name, it did not recognize), then the Folder Share Name “Download” on the Volume Path.

My NAS has several other folders beneath this “Download” root folder. I understood that I can select the “Use Custom Path” feature and then the “Custom Path” field to insert a folder that resides beneath the root folder - in my case I simply typed in “Movies”, which is the name of one of these folders.

But when I select to Mount the drive, it brings back an error.

If I don’t select this Custom Path option and simply mount the “Download” root folder, it mounts correctly.

How do I go about creating several mounts each pointing to a differetn sub-folder on my NAS?


Hate to jump on the bandwagon but same prob here since apple upgraded.
running a G5
1 tb buffalo linkstation pro
two apple TV’s
lacie 1 tb firewire to G5
have Repeatedly followed the streaming instructions (can almost resite them in my sleep)
all are hardwired and it worked before…

I see there is newer 4.0.2 ATVFlash firmware released yesterday. Has anyone tried that?

No change…very troubling

If you’re getting a similar error, there may be an issue in your share point settings. If you post the settings here, or email them ( we can look them over for errors.

sure enough
Mount Point
Mount Name MOVIES
Mount Type SMB
Mount Address Macintosh-2.Local
Requires Authentication Yes
User Login
Auto Mount ON
Use Custom Path Off
Custom Path
Extra Arguments

Network Mount failed
mount_smbfs:empty user name

or if i change requires Authentication to NO i get this error
network mount failed
(size=3221221376)failed(error code=3)
mount _smbfs(392)malloc:***error cant allocate region
Mount_smbfs(392)malloc:***set a breakpoint in szone_error to debug
mount _smbfs:sessionsetup phase failed:
syserr=Permission denied

I’ve been experiencing the same issues as everyone.

New WD World Book 1T network drive doesn’t mount because of AFP is not enabled properly or is missing essential components, but I can’t find where I’m supposed to download the Smart Installer.

Please Advise.

Glad to know it is not just me :sunglasses:

Looks ok.

SMB will require a username and password. Please enter the login information for your computer here.

The Volume Path will be only the drive/folder name. It should match the name of the ‘Shared Folder’ on your Mac. No SMB or \ are required.

In the screenshot below the Volume Path would simply be: Movies

Looks ok.


As I have said, I don’t use my iMac do setup a share folder, as I’m using a Western Digital NAS, thus I use it’s provided software to create a share folder, which in my case was named “Download”. Under this root share folder, I have created several other folders (Movies, Formula1 Races, TV Shows, etc.)

I have successfully mounted the “Download” root folder using SMB with the Guest user.

BUT when I try to use the “Use Custom Path” and “Custom Path” feature to mount these sub-folders that are beneath the root folder I get an error. These are the settings being used:

Use Custom Path On
Custom Path Movies

What should I do??


Thanks will give this a shot tonite…
Thank you

Well that did not work next …

Well i got a hold of the folks at atvflash gave me some ideas and I think i am making some headway…now i am getting this error
mount_smbfs:tree connect phase failed:
syserr=no such file or directory

this repeats twice…

now before you all jump in …
This is the config
Mount Name …crr
Mount Type…smb
Mount Address …I have entered the IP address of a buffalo (got it from the server )
Requires Authentication …yes
User Login…I have tried log in for the G5 and I tried the log in for the buffalo link station pro duo server
Password…same as above except the password
Volume Path…MOVIESERVER (name of the Buffalo)
Auto Mount…yes
Use Custom path…off