Problem Mounting External usb drive on My iMac

I am having trouble getting Apple TV to recognise and read from my shared usb external hard drive attached to my Mac. I have tried several times mounting the drive in NitoTV using the procedure given in the guide without success. This worked once but then failed the second time with error messages. XBMC does recognise the drive. Can anyone walk me through the solution to this problem? Thanks.



try to format your External store in “Mac OS étendu journalisé” (in french sorry, i don’t know what is it in english…) and that’s work for me ! (ex fat don’t work…)

Is your Mac being shut off or being put into sleep mode? If it worked previously, you may try just restarting the AppleTV.

I now have what I want, which is the ability to read from my computer usb drive in XBMC and NitoTV, by setting-up sharing on my Mac. I guess this makes the mount process redundant or inoperative. Thanks for your responses.

Inexplicably, this morning my shared drive and folders were missing from both XBMC and NitoTV. So I tried again mounting the usb drive inputting the same information as tried a dozen times before, but changing the name in the first entry field. It worked! I can’t explain it. I did have to reboot my mac for another reason and did also reboot Apple TV. I don’t know whether this will last or why I lost the shared drive.

Issues like this can come up if the share is being powered off or put to sleep while mounted on the AppleTV. An AppleTV restart will cure the issue, but if you plan to power off the share it’s best to unmount it from the AppleTV first. This can be easily be done by highlighting the share through the nitoTV → Files menu and pressing the left arrow (<<) button.