Problem metadata with TV Shows and Google Drive


I am currently testing Infuse (Pro) with Google Drive, but I have a problem with TV Shows.

For exemple, if I have this Tv show “Supergirl” (but I have the same problem with others) like that :

TV Shows

  • Supergirl
    • Season 01
      • S01E01.Supergirl.mkv
      • S01E02.Supergirl.mkv

All episodes aren’t showing as a TV Show but as “normal” video … Infuse doesn’t show me “Season 01” directory, all episodes are like as if they are in Supergirl first directory.

Sometime it works, but … 1/20 …

I have also a Synology NAS and with the same configuration (TV Show, Name, Season, Espisode, …) and it works perfectly.

Any idea ? I have tried many combinaison (Supergirl.S01E01, Supergirl S01E01.mkv, …) without results.


I have no issues with the Supergirl series when I use the file names structured like “Supergirl.S01E01.mkv”. It puts it in the TV library and sorts by season without any additional steps by me. I don’t think that having the season and episode before the series name is usable at all.

Your folder structure is correct.

-Season 01

As far as google drive is concerned, there may be some gotcha that they are not passing the correct name but I don’t have google drive so I can’t really address that.

Try editing the Metadata for one of the problem files and look at the file name that Infuse got from Google Drive in case the file name has been altered in some way.

Here what I have.

If I select for exemple this episode, I have no information.

I know you have said you have already tried it but I am sure the series name must proceed the season/episode number as anything after the season/episode is ignored. So it should be named something like:


After making the change, if it doesn’t appear correctly then ry the edit Metadata option again and see if you can select the correct TV show.

Ok, with Supergirl.S01E01.mkv (for exemple) it’s ok ! I have data of the episode. (I am sure to already tried without success, strange)

But, I have an other problem. For testing, I have upload in my G Drive S02E01 and S03E01 + S03E02, respectively in “Season 2” and “Season 3” folders.

Now, if I select Supergirl tv show, I have :

Season 2 (like a season folder, it’s ok), with the episode S02E01. But, episodes S03E01 and S03E02 are beside this folder without a “season 3” folder. Their metada are ok.

So I have : folder Season 2 (with S02E01 inside) and S03E01 + S03E01 (without a folder “season 3”).

Thx for your help :slight_smile:

EDIT : I have delete the Season 3 folder (with 2 episodes) and re-upload this folder with theses two episodes, and it’s works now ! I will test with others series.

All works now, I found what was the problem.

If I upload my episodes like that : S00E00.serie.ext … it doesn’t work (with Google Drive, but in local with my NAS it’s ok).

So, I have to rename to serie.S00E00.ext … but, if I have already scan this serie in Infuse, this will not work ! The first scan has to be with the good name serie.S00E00.ext !

Good to know.

Thx for your help :slight_smile:

thanks ,your discussion helps me alot