Problem launching plex after update

So I redone my jailbreak today to install the latest ATV black 1.7.


All went well as I installed all the apps. Coach surfer, nito tv, xbmc etc, however as soon as I install Plex, the apple display “installing plex” and after awhile it rebots. It then stays on a black screen for a long time and the light flashing. It seems to be failing to boot and restarting constantly.

After 10 minutes or so it displays the apple logo and the light flashing at a steady rate (once per second).


I redone the above twice, with same result… is anyone else having the same issues, or anyone have a solution for this?




A workaround to resolve the Plex related issue can be found here.


Thanks, Guess I was looking on the wrong sections :slight_smile:

Curious, will there be a 1.7 version that does work with the latest Plex client - I use Plex as my main streaming client…


Thank you

what i ended up doing was to install xbmc then loaded plexbmc olugin … working pretty good