Problem Jailbreak Atv 2 with SHSH Blobs from another atv2


i was trying to jailbreak my father apple tv 2 that has 5.3 installed in it. I save the SHSH blobs from another apple tv that i have so i could downgrade and jailbreak my father apple tv.

It that possible to use SHSH blobs from another ATV to jailbreak another ATV. How can i save this SHSH in the new ATV.


If someone could help me please.




Do not try using shsh blobs that weren’t saved from that specific unit to downgrade with or you will risk “bricking” the unit. There are many “bricked” units being sold cheaply on Ebay from sellers who have unsuccessfully tried to do this.

This will not work - the shsh blobs are device specific.  They are therefore not transferable between devices.

If you do not have saved blobs for an earlier release for your fathers ATV2 then you will have to wait until (if) a jailbreak for the 5.3 firmware appears.