Problem Jailbreak AppleTV 5.0.2 (4250) - Yes another person in trouble!

Hi all,

Ive just purchased an apple tv 2 off Ebay with the intention to jailbreak it myself.

After several hours of screaming and swearing last night I managed to do it and SSH’d over XBMC and NITO Tv to it and installing NAVI X etc. It was all running smoothly until it froze on me this morning whilst browsing tv channels, at which point it unplugged it at the wall and restarted, upon restart there were no XBMC and NITO Tv icons on the main screen and i could no longer SSH into it from my iMac using cyber duck. This giving me the impression its not actually an UNTETHERED jailbreak after all.

Ive since tried to re-jailbreak it today but with no luck (restoring in itunes between each attempt to avoid it teling me its already jailbroken etc), itunes has popped up a few errors, 1601, 2001 etc and the most recdent said my apple tv wasnt eigible for this requested build.


A Google search or two found me here typing this. I read another advising to download some software called iReb, but i looked ad couldnt see a Mac version to grab.


Can somebody please help as im going insane over this, how one minute it was working swimmingly, and now it wont work at all!!




And yes it is an APPLE TV 2 I’ve checked the serial number etc

First download this IPSW for 5.0.2:,1_5.0.2_9B830_Restore.ipsw

Once it is done downloading connect your Apple TV to your computer open iTunes and hold shift and click Restore, point the dialog box to the IPSW you downloaded previously and allow it to update and restore to the latest version.

Once this is done then open Seas0nPass and hold shift and click Create IPSW and again point it to the above IPSW and allow it to do it’s thing.


Note: if you’ve previously downloaded the IPSW for 5.0.2 then you do not need to redownload it. Also once you upgrade to 5.0.2 there is no option to downgrade to a previous version unless you have the SHSH blobs.

great! I was having the same issue but worked for me.

you need to press alt (option) key in Macs.