Problem: iPhone Infuse Player > Airplay 2 > Apple TV w/wired Soundbar + Additional HomePods

I have looked around the discussions; however, I did not find an answer to this exact question:

I have an Apple TV Infuse [v. Infuse Pro 6.3.3 (92982)] successfully pulling from a Google Drive using TvOS [v. 12.2 (17K449)].
I have an iPhone Infuse [v. Infuse Pro 6.3.3 (2982)] successfully pulling from a Google Drive using iOS [v. 13.4 (17…)].

What I wish to do is Airplay a Concert stored in .mp4 format on my Google Drive from my iPhone’s Infuse Player to my Apple TV, AS WELL AS, to additional HomePods in other rooms.

I can successfully Airplay from my iPhone’s Infuse Player to my Apple TV.
NOTE: The Apple TV is HDMI connected to a sound bar (Sonos).

While successfully Airplaying a concert from my iPhone’s Infuse Player to my Apple TV, I can pull up the Airplay selector on my Phone’s lock screen and see all my connected devices.

The circle for my Apple TV is displays a check mark as expected.

When I click the circle for a HomePod in another room, the video on the Apple TV cuts out, the volume coming from the Apple TV lowers, and the music begins to play on the selected HomePod.

On the lock screen, as expected, the circle is now checked for BOTH the HomePod and the Apple TV.

If I uncheck the circle for the Apple TV, the music cuts out as expected.
When I re-check its circle for the Apple TV, the audio comes through the Apple TV again (still at low volume); however, the video does NOT return.

With the circles checked for Both the Apple TV & HomePod, when I uncheck the circle for the Homepod, the video returns to the Apple TV and the volume increases.

I can work around the volume issues; however, in short, I cannot Airplay a concert’s VIDEO+audio to an Apple TV while simultaneously sending audio to a separate HomePod.
(I can solely simultaneously Airplay AUDIO through the Apple TV and separate HomePod.)

Is there a workaround/are there settings I have overlooked to make this possible?

Thanks a bunch in advance for your assistance.

Can you do what you want with Netflix? If not I’d suspect it’s an iOS limitation. Also why are you still running tvOS 12.2 as it’s no longer supported?

Thanks for the catch on the tvOS 12.2. I checked it again today and it reads 13.3. I must have mis-entered the tvOS version.

I could not try Netflix, as apparently they dropped Airplay a year ago; however, your idea was terrific and kept me moving along in my troubleshooting.

Instead of Netflix, I tried the same Infuse technique that I originally described with Hulu & Amazon Prime Video.

I got the same results with each.
I can Airplay from my iPhone to an Apple TV and have audio play simultaneously on multiple Airplay devices; however, I cannot have the video on my Apple TV and audio Airplaying on my HomePods.

I then realized that my workflow was stupid…why was I even bothering to Airplay from my iPhone to my Apple TV in the first place?

Remembering that I could select audio outputs from within the Apple TV menu, I cut my iPhone out of the workflow:

Using the aTV’s menu to select Airplay devices instead of my iPhone, I am now successfully playing Simon & Garfunkel Live In Central Park [1983] through the following manner:
G. Drive > Infuse on Apple TV > wired Sonos sound bar & Airplay audio to BOTH the Kitchen HomePod & the Garage HomePod

Thank you for the help, as you helped me get where I wanted to go!

You’re most welcome. Sometimes a simple question is all it takes to get to a solution.

Definitely the case for me in this circumstance.

Thanks again!

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