Problem installing aTV Flash...

When I run aTV Flash Installer.exe I get the following error: “Error merging boot.efi into final image file. CreateFile for boot.efi failed (-4).”

Can someone tell me what causes this? I can’t get nowhere. My aTV 2 is 5.0 and I do have the FC logo in place of the settings icon.

Help me please.

Okay, I got it sorted out. I just downloaded the program again, and run it all over again. It worked like charm.

Okay I find that this is the wrong version for my aTV 2. I need to download aTV Flash (black) version. There is only one link on my account page. Thanks.


Are you saying you bought ATV Silver software which is for 1st generation Apple TV and you have an Apple TV 2 and you have been posting in the 1st Generation Apple TV (Silver) forums about your problems with your Apple TV 2 (Black) not being able to load the software?

yep…I think that is what the problem is.