Problem installing 3.0

Nevermind… tried yet another flash drive and it worked.

Yes, we’ve noticed that many generic drives, as well as some San Disk drives tend to not be compatible with the Apple TV.

A good low cost option can be seen at:

Hi everybody, I recently purchased the aTV Flash and had trouble doing the install. First I followed the directions from the download and when I unplugged the ATV and plugged it back in the menu had no new items. Then I did a restore by holding down the “menu” and “-” buttons on the remote. I kept the flash drive inserted during this process. The aTV Flash completed the install and the words “you may now remove the flash drive and restart” were on the bottom line of text. Then I unplugged the ATV and removed the flash drive. When I plugged the ATV back in, I had a few new items in my menu. :slight_smile:

Hope This Helps. :smiley:

Hi Folks,
Has anyone ordered the software download of 3.0?
I paid for it, but I can’t find out where or HOW I’m supposed to get it off of the site.
I’ve e-mailed the company about three times, and have gotten NO response…

The link can be found in the My Account section of our site. Under My Account, you will see your order listed. Click the view button, and the download link will be near the bottom of the page.

I followed your process after my upteenth try from 2 thumb drives and it worked :smiley:

BTW - numerous times trying to install, I fell into a penunbutu OS - expecting a login to a text session - but no keyboard :roll:

Hello, I am trying to install aTV Flash on to my atv and keep getting stuck at penunbutu OS login. Is there something I need to do at this point? should I try another usb? or if I am persistent will it just eventually work after many factory resets and reinstalls?

please help

I left the thumb drive in and reset the ATV- it eventually worked. I a used a couple of different thumb drives over and over until it worked. After one wouldn’t work for awhile I would re-install to the thumb drive. I also watched the terminal printout for possible errors - I once had a hard-cored folder name wrong. I Never lost a rented movie I remembered about when it was too late. :smiley:

Try using a different flash drive. The one you have is not compatible.