Problem: Infuse 2.2.1 PRO - Connect to QNap NAS

Hi there,


I’am using Infuse Pro v2.2.1 and wanted to connect to my QNap NAS HS-210 - but somehow it does not work.



Name: QNap


User: admin

Password: admin_password


After having the settings set, I can connect to my NAS - I also can see the folders. But if I select one folder an error occurs .

How to solve the problem?


Best regards,


Did you check the permissions on the QNAP? Normally admin has always read/write permission but it may be good to check this.

I also have a QNAP and I can connect and play movies with no problem.


Also, please ensure you are running the latest 2.2.1 version as this includes a few fixes for streaming.