Problem HDD watching movie

With the latest releases I have a hard drive problem.
After a while watching a movie, the Time Capsule hard drive goes to sleep continuously and wakes up. What is the cause???

Anyone can help me??

You may want to try going to Infuse Settings > Streaming Cache and try the “Legacy” option instead of auto.

Ok, thanks. I’ll try it. What’s this option?? Which are the difference of auto and legacy?

I believe that the auto caches the movie completely and then either stops or reduces the handshaking with the server. In Legacy (once again I’m running on vague memories) I believe that after Infuse downloads the file it still continues to send a keep alive handshake. This was good for many setups but for some, it was a hindrance keeping their network and servers unnecessarily active. Hence the option.

Again, someone with a more technically correct explanation may chime in but that’s it in a nutshell as I understood it.

Ok, thanks!

Ok, now everything seems ok.

Outstanding! :slight_smile:

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