Problem FTP

Hello, first of all i’m french so sorry about my english.
I’ve came to you because i have a problem with my Nas WD My Cloud and the app Infuse 3 pro on apple tv.
I want to access to my files away from home on another ios device but i could’nt had my Nas by FTP on infuse app.
I can access in local with my local nas ip but i can’t with my rooter ip.
It works with other ftp manager app but not with infuse. It search for a will with the circle going around then tell me connection failed.
But i can’t hunderstand why it works with other app.

Thx for your reply.

Any Help, please

What ports have you forwarded in your router for FTP purposes?

I did:
FTP port 21 both protocole TCP UDP and my nas Ip local
To connect to my nas using ftp like file zilla, i put my rooter ip. (i enabled ftp in my configuration nas) and i can access it.
But with infuse, no

When i’m at home, infuse works with smb and my nas ip local but not away from home

Anyone can help me ?

Lots of discussion about how to set up an FTP server with a WD My Cloud here:

The problem it’s that it works with all the other app using ftp but not with Infuse

OK, that’s weird.
Will give it a try on my WD after the weekend and get back to you.


I had no luck with FTP. Used Sftp instead and more secure anyway. However you need to feel confident in what you are doing as you can completely mess up the drive when accessing as root. You need to enable SSH access on the drive first. See instructions here:

Once that is done you will need to give access to non root users as you don’t want to use root for infuse. Do this by SSH into your My cloud device with a program such as Cyberduck. Log in as user “root” password default is “welc0me” (zero not the letter O). Once inside navigate to the file “/etc/ssh/sshd_config” and edit it. Find the line “Allow users”. It should say “Allow users root”. Here add your user name (and any other users you want to be able to use this). For example, if your my cloud user name is “bob” it should be “AllowUsers root bob”. For each user just make sure there is a space between.
Now save this and reboot the device.
Make sure that your router has port 22 forwarded to your cloud device.
Now you should be able use sftp in infuse remotely.
All user permissions in sftp follow the rules you have set through the mycloud UI.
Hope this helps.

when i open cyberduck, i click on conexion. I put my ip local nas correct ?
and user root ? or my account user ftp of my cloud that i use to connect on ftp

I open as root but i have nothing, not a file

i found it but i have a question: i found this:
AllowUsers rootRSAAuthentication yes

i put AllowUsers root mickaelRSAAuthentication yes
AllowUsers root mickael RSAAuthentication yes

It worked.

No Problem. Glad you got it working.