[Problem feedback] Infuse 7 on mac platform will cause account error when using webdav

Version Information:
Infuse 7: beta 7 (3562) 4/23
rear end:onedrive

Problem Description:
I have saved some videos on onedrive and used Cloudreve as the webdav manager. There have been problems in the recent Infuse 7 versions:
Use Cloudreve to generate different webdav accounts for different onedrive folders, such as account names 1 and 5, create 1 and 5 in Infuse 7, fill in the webdav account information of 1 and 5 generated by Cloudreve, it can be used normally. Infuse 7 exits and reopens, the files in account 5 appear in 1 in Infuse 7, and account 5 is normal.
Note: The username and WebDAV address of the WebDAV account generated by Cloudreve are the same, but the password is different.

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I do beta test for MacOS but I can’t test this as I don’t use Onedrive or Clouddreve or webdav.