Problem editing metadata - cant type the letter q (but can type Q)

I’ve recently started using the MacOs version of Infuse (having used the phone and ipad version since the beginning). I’ve a weird problem when I edit metadata on the MacOS.

Whenever I type the letter Q the editing panel disappears - like its quitting. The program doesnt quit, just the edit metadata panel. I have to ‘edit metadata’ again in order to try and type for the program im after.

First noticed it when I was searching for the Tom and Jerry short ‘Jerry, Jerry, Quite Contrary’. I’d type Jerry Jerry Q and it would quit. In the end I had to search for the short just using Contrary. Maybe it was a one off? No.

When I try and edit metadata for the T&J short ‘Little Quacker’…same. As soon as Q is typed it cancels.

I’ve tried typing Q on multiple files (tv and film) and it happens everytime. Only on MacOs, not ios.

Infuse Version 7.7.2 (7.7.4781)
MacOs Big Sur 11.7.10 (20G1427) (cant upgrade further at the moment due to some legacy apps).

Anyone else?

Did you check your hotkeys in the settings?

Also, if you click the cursor into the search box before you type it works. :wink:

I cant see any shortcut or modifier keys that look remotely like an altered Q. (I assume this is where ‘hotkeys’ would be (Settings/Keyboard/Shortcuts).

Click cursor - ha, yes. I can type a whole sentence…as soon as a q is entered the edit metadata window just ends/quits. It does seem suspicious that its a Q (for Quit) that is the problem letter.

if you don’t click in the box first you can also exit it with esc.

It does work correctly if you click in the search box entry first before typing “q” correct?

Whether I start typing straight away (the cursor is flashing in the typing field by default on my system), or click in the typing field and then start typing I can enter any letter except the q. It works flawlessly (and as one would expect) as long as I dont enter the letter q.

Just realised - it does accept Q (capital q). Its just lowercase thats the problem.