problem downloading videos

Hi , sorry for my poor english but I’m from Italy. I’ve bought installed infuse pro 2.2 both on my iphone5s and my ipad Air,last version of this morning…

I’ve this problem…

connecting to my PC or Multimedia Player (mede8er 500X2) in order to download MKV AVI or MP4 files from them (for offline video viewing)…i can download only 1 video,and it works flawlessy. but after, when i try to download a second one or I reconnect later,after the metadata is finished,i can’t see anymore the cloud to tap for the download in the device, but only a black circle and no possibilities to download.scrolling the file in the list i see only the ornage pencil and the orange share icon…

It happens on the 2 devices in the same way

has anyone the same problem?can the support help me?

Thank you in advance

solved!the problem was mine … I was going in the wrong window inside infuse … (not in add file)… and so i couldn’t download!

you can close the threat