Problem connecting via UPnP With Infuse 7.4.6

I am having the Same issue with upnp Connection. NTFS works. But i still prefer upnp.
Already reinstalled the app And also reseted the hole Apple TV .
Maybe you can try it via upnp?

Using Infuse Pro 7.4.6

The big problem with using UPnP with Infuse is that you won’t get many of the Library features and other benefits that are at the core of Infuse.

If it works with NTFS I’d stick with it. What do you like with UPnP that is better for you than NTFS or the other protocols that use Infuses benefits?

I am probably not the main feature user of infuse.

I enjoy selecting the file I want from the folder structure and playing it.

The possibility offers NTFS also, but with some files it does not show me the folder of a file but directly the file.

I use infuse for years via upnp with my Apple TV and suddenly it doesn’t work anymore.

Also Speedtest is not working.

Are you aware of this problem ?

So you’re not having an issue after updating to DSM7.1.1 with Infuse 6.7?

You are right I have the problem with Infuse Pro 7.4.6 and not 6.4 in combination with DSM 7.1.1-42962 Update 1.
Should I open a new thread?

Got you covered. :wink:

Did you try deleting the old UPnP share and creating a new one? After the update by Synology it may have changed the address.

Thank you!

Yes I have tried that several times . Meanwhile I have assigned the synology a fixed ip in my network.

You may also want to make sure you have the UPnP server still set up and running on the Synology after the update. I’ve seen a few occasions where an update will reset some settings to their defaults.

I have already checked this as well .
Strange is that the integrated player of my LG TV can access the UPnP share without problems.

Does the UPnP server show under the “Available Shares” list in the Shares settings in Infuse?

Yes the share is displayed to me.
And I can also navigate through the structure. But as soon as I select a file (format does not matter) and want to play . Runs the wheel and the message - an error has occurred - appears.

Just to make sure I understand, you get all the info for the videos and you can navigate through them in Infuse but when you select Play it goes to the spinning wheel and never comes back correct?

Yes thats correct.

Other Apps / Like Netflix etc. on my Apple TV works fine, also Network is okay .
And as well my lg tv in the network plays via UPnP share.

All devices are connected via Ethernet .

It almost sounds like a permissions error for the user/pass that you have on the ATV but I’m not very well versed in the UPnP set up for Synology so that’s just a wild guess.

You said that

(not under the saved shares heading)
Have you tried creating a new share clicking on the one under the available shares?

perhaps it is also due to the ATV.

Regarding the shares I have expressed myself incorrectly.

I have removed the share several times from “saved shares” and have been able to add it again via the available share.

Think you guys mean NFS (Network File System) — and not NTFS (New Technology File System). The former is a network protocol for distributed file sharing; the latter is the method by which Windows systems record data to a hard disc (as opposed to exFAT or APFS).

Of course i mean NFS .
NTFS was a mistake by using mobile for texting

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No worries. I was just being Mr. Pedantic for unknown reasons. Let’s go with insomnia.

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