Problem connecting to one Mac and NAS

Having weird problem connecting to roommates MBP and Buffalo NAS.

Installed ATV Flash Black  on ATV2 w/ no problems.  In Media Player, I am able to setup connection to my MBP and its drives, and also able to connect to TimeCapsule w/o problems.


However, when attempting to connect to roommates MBP and his Buffalo NAS, after entering username / password and hitting test, the software just sits a “connecting”.  Have left it running at that screen for 20-30 minutes, but no joy. Note that I have no problem with ATV v1 and XMBC.

We have checked sharing permissions on his MBP and NAS. Tried connecting via user accounts and as guest but still no joy.

Any suggestions on what I might try next? 


I’m encountering the same problem! Any help on this issue?

Sorry, dubble post…

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