Problem connecting to MacOS Big Sur

Have just upgraded to macOS Big Sur and now see the message ‘Indexing failed for (my) iMac’. I remember having to make some change many months ago for a similar issue, but don’t remember what I did exactly, something with SMB sharing. Has worked perfectly since then.

macOS Big Sur 11.0.1
Apple TV tvOS 14.2
Infuse Pro 6.5.4 (3348)

I see the same issue on iPhone and iPad apps, both 14.2.

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Have you tried turning off sharing and then turning it back on in the Mac preferences?

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Actually I didn’t, which of course I should have done first. Yes, works fine now!!

Betas are so much fun.

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Isn’t Big Sur now a production release?

Probably, but even release versions can “act” like beta. :wink:

Rarely does the first public release of macOS not have issues. I generally don’t jump on the bandwagon until a .1 or .2

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