Problem connecting to jellyfin server on Synology via Docker

Hi folks, I successfully run jellyfin on a Synology Server via Docker. The original Jellyfin app can be connected without any problems in the local network and also from outside. I can’t get a connection with Infuse. After entering the password, it connects. However, infuse then tells me that the server cannot be indexed and nothing else happens. I then only see my films folder, but cannot play any films. Alternatively, I installed Emby on my Synology server via package installation. It had worked without any problems with Infuse. What am I doing wrong? I thank you!

Try stopping and restarting the Jellyfin server on your NAS, that’s what I’ve done when Infuse can’t index the files on Jellyfin.

Thank you, I have just tried this again but without success…

What colour is the films folder you can see?

Infuse will show a library folder (orange colour) for scraped movies from Jellyfin as well as any folder share that you’ve added to Favourites, under Shares.

The folder share is a direct connection from Infuse to that directory on your NAS and there’s no indexing required for that.

The library share is Infuse’s organised content library from what you’ve scraped on Jellyfin which does require indexing.

If you’ve logged in successfully to Jellyfin from Infuse just make sure on Jellyfin server that account is the one that is “allowed to manage this server”

In the dashboard, access Users, select the account and checkbox should be ticked for enable access to all libraries

Today I updated my Jellyfin Server, Infuse to 6.5 and iOS to 14…now it works. Thank you!

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unfortunately the success was short-lived. after the jellyfin server had scanned all the Movies, the problems started all over again. infuse has no real access to the server. The movie folder appears in Infuse, but when it comes up an error message appears. in addition, infuse does not create a library. with the movies.

I’ve found that Infuse’s error when indexing the Jellyfin server is only caused by exactly two films. If I remove these two films from my films folder everything works fine. Whenever I put one of these two films back into the folder, the error is reproducible … as a solution for now I simply do without these two mv4 files and it works. Incidentally, it concerns the films “Terminator (1984)” and “Predestination (2014)” … I can’t explain it to myself … in the Jellyfin app or on the web interface, these two films are no problem only for Infuse. .