Problem connecting to Apple Time Capsule, after getting google wifi


I just got a Google Wifi, and now infuse have problems connecting to my Apple Time Capsule (I use it to store my files on it), didn’t have problems with my old router. I have no problems connecting to it with my macbooks.

Infuse have no problem connecting to my NAS (Synology Disk Station DS216j).

Any idea, why this is happening ?

Were you previously using the Time Capsule as a router, and you are now using the Google Wi-Fi as the router?

If so, you will want to set the Time Capsule to use what’s called ‘Bridge Mode’. This will effectively allow the Time Capsule to be a client on the network, instead of having it try to create it’s own network. While in Bridge Mode, you can still use the Time Capsule as a wireless access point, or you can disable that feature as well.

A good tutorial on how to do this can be found here.