Problem casting mkv to Chromecast

iPhone X
IOS 13.3 (17C54)
Infuse Pro 6.2.5 (2888)

When I try casting .mkv files to Chromecast I get this error message:
Not available for this video type.

Is there any solution to this?
This dampened my enthusiasm about Infuse a bit since Infuse’s description on the App Store mentions mkv.
These mkv files do play on my iPhone, but they don’t cast to Chromecast.

The files I’ve tried were:
Pajaros de verano (2018) @CanalesLocos.mkv

See attached images for technical details about these 2 video files.
They’re a screenshot from VLC’s Codec tab.

HEVC files aren’t supported for casting. Same limitation as airplay.

oh ok.
The only app that was able to cast the aforementioned 2 mkv files was PlayerXtreme, however not satisfactorily.
The video image would appear and play on the screen but buffer every 2 seconds.

Will Infuse ever support casting HEVC?

This might be a limitation of your chromecast. Which one do you have? According to googles developer docs the only chromecast that supports h265 is the chromecast ultra.

My Chromecast is not the Ultra, it’s the 2nd gen, the one that got the update to support 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks over gen1.

So if I install Chromecast Ultra, is it guaranteed that those 2 H.265 files I mentioned before will play smoothly on Chromecast Ultra via Infuse?

As for PlayerXtreme, I guess it makes some sort of local conversion within the iPhone because with PlayerXtreme the video shows on Chromecast, but it buffers every 2 seconds, so that isn’t usable. But it’s a different behaviour than not showing the video at all with an error message on the phone saying that the format isn’t supported.

You’re right it’s probably doing a conversion hence the poor experience. As for the chromecast ultra working I have no idea as I don’t own one. There might be iOS limitations to consider as well. When dealing with chromecast the only assurance to a 100% guaranteed experience is when using android.

You could buy an ultra from amazon and if it doesn’t work return it.