Problem buying Infuse 5

Ok, read up a bit and $7 a year is alright :slight_smile:

So why have the 2 prices? why not just have the 7 dollars price? What is the 12 dollar choice for?

so if you pay the 13 bucks, you never have to pay for another upgrade? Plus on the appleTV it is not showing me a 7 dollar option

No. The 13 buck option gets you v5 only. If v6 is released, you will have to pay for it again. 7 buck/year option gets you all upgrades, whether minor (v5.0 to v5.1) or major (v5 to v6 to v7) within the year. As long as you keep paying the $7/year, you keep receiving upgrades. For me, the annual $7/year subscription is the way to go.

The subscription mode (via in-App purchase) does not work for Family Sharing right?

Yes, it does. Although the method to share is different than with the standalone Pro version.

hmm, I don’t have trakt account, neither is prepared to create one. guess I have to stay with Pro 4, or get Standalone Pro 5 some time later, if reviews on the Pro 5 are positive.

so, bottom line, pay 7 bucks, and get all updates, pay 13, and have to do it annually anyway? So, how do you get it free for 30 days? Do you down load the free version, and do the in app purchase after 30 days?

What if I recently bought Infuse 4 Pro? I need to pay again? I bought it around the time I registered here. So just over a month.

how can I stop payment after the trial period?

Follow the instructions at How to cancel a subscription from Apple – Apple Support.

it might be worth contacting FireCore providing ‘proof-of-purchase’ to see if they can do something for a case like yours (e.g. Provide a promo code for the new version).

Do I have to subscribe to the Ipad and Apple TV versions separately, or is it one purchase?

A single purchase covers all devices (iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV).

Awesome! thx.

Wow, 12 euros after I paid 10 euros for version 4 not even a year ago!? An update offer for current users would be nice…
I’ve tested the beta but if I have to pay 12 euro (or 7 as a subscription, how does that work?) I think I stick with version 4 as soons as the beta runs out.

Or $7 a year… which isn’t that bad.

But 7 euros for what? A subscription for use of version 5? What if there is a version 6 within a year or within 1,5 years? Do I need a subscription again for version 6?

As far as I can see, the subscription is for coming updates as well. Otherwise it really wouldn’t be a subscription…

Correct me if I’m wrong!

Ok, I agree to pay for good apps, and infuse is in my opinion a really good app. Also 7.50 CHF (in switzerland) per year is acceptable. But I don’t understand how firecore releases new versions. I don’t want infuse 4, infuse 5, etc as an own app. I just wanna have infuse. It’s a farce always have to download new apps, configure it, and refresh the library (which in the meantime takes hours) only to get the new functionality of a new version.