Problem buying Infuse 5

I’ve seen Infuse5 on the ATV4 at a price of 12€.
The main problem is that Infuse4 Pro appears as not bought, and in my case I bought it long time ago and I’ve being using it and it still installed on my ATV.

There’s no way to update from Infuse4 to 5 for free?
Any reason why infuse4 pro appears as not bought?

There are two versions of inFuse - the free version and the Pro version. If you started with the free version and upgraded to Pro via an inapp purchase then you need to make sure that you still start with the free version.

I bought the pro version via the inapp purchase in infuse 4. Should I get infuse 5 for free now? Just downloaded the free version of infuse 5 and tried to activate pro but it doesn’t work…

Same here…
When I try to restore my in-app Pro account from Infuse4 to Infuse5 it appears a new yearly payment method…is that ok?

I can’t upgrade to pro either. It says 7,50€ for every year, are you switching from paying once to paying every year? That would suck :frowning: I have to stick with Infuse 4 then :frowning:

That does not sound correct. I would suggest waiting for the official FireCore response. Assuming this should not happen it is not clear whether this is a fault in the software or perhaps in the settings on the App Store for inFuse apps.

I also got the free version of 5 (paid for 4), and when I hit Restore after installing version 5, nothing happens, Wants me to start 1 month trial now, or no thanks…

was a new pricing plan implemented that users did not know about?

Same problem for me, i did an inapp purchase in 4 version and now it asks me to pay and can’t restore my purchase

Indeed a new pricing plan, read the blog: Blog | Firecore

I dont understand this. I can buy the app for 12$ or i use the free app an pay 7$ every month?
Then its better to buy it for 12$! Or not?

Doing same issue on IOS

every year not every month. I prever the 7$ every year, cause if you look at it via monthly pay its just a few cents and if they update some time to version 6, you will get the update cause you are still paying. If you buy it for 12$ once and they update within a year to 6, you gotta pay again your 12$.

Yes but when the Version 6 comes 2018 you payed 14$ and this ist more than the pro Version :wink:

When i buy the Pro for 12$, this is mine, when you use the 7$ Version, you have this App for one Year.

Yep. Paying 7$ a year is better than paying 12$ a year. That’s pretty much it.

Yeah, so I guess it depends on when they release the new update :wink:

You know version 6 will probably come in 2017, right? From version 4 to version 5 was just 9 months (Feb/16 to Nov/16).

If you don’t plan to update to version 6, then stick with the full 12$ payment.

If you plan to update to version 6, paying 12$ a year (instead of 7$) is not a great deal.

I think it is 7$ every year vs one off payment of 12$

Really, no upgrade pricing?

I sure hope they fixed the playback issues in this version.

This an app I use all the time on two ATV4’s, and an iPad, so I’m quite happy to pay $7 per year to this company to allow them to improve the product. I have purchased Infuse 4 but have no issue paying for Infuse 5…

Ok, read up a bit and $7 a year is alright :slight_smile: