Problem adding a non SMB share in AppStore release

I have been using the beta for weeks and loving it :slight_smile:

However, this evening I downloaded the AppStore release of Infuse for tvOS and when I try to add a share, it doesn’t let me select any protocol other than SMB. Any ideas?


Same problem. I remember seeing James say that he was looking into it, in the comments section of the blog post here

I missed the boat on the beta, so I was really excited to see the general release of the app.

I also had the same problem. With Kodi I have been using NFS to access my Synology NAS. Did the beta version of infuse allow other protocols then? Was NFS one of them?

I’m assuming that this is just a hiccup with the general release and that it will be resolved soon. :slight_smile:

Everyone else is saying that NFS is not supported, I can confirm the iOS app definitely does not support NFS. And yes, hope soon, I haven’t started using yet. Waiting on this bug fix… :frowning:

Fixed for 4.0.1. :slight_smile:

“Fixed issue with selecting share protocol type in some cases” It really is some? Not all?

Would resetting my Apple TV and reinstalling Infuse Pro work? Because I’m prepared to do that, I’m not sure how much longer I can wait on Apple, they take so long to approve.

When do you plan on submitting 4.0.1? :slight_smile: Thanks for the reply by the way.

What I find strange is the beta version that I was testing and that I still have on my ATV 4 did support other protocols. When I installed the public version I realized that certain folders were no longer showing up when setting up my shares