Problem accessing share on Windows PC

Hello everyone,


I’m trying to set up a share from my Windows 7 laptop for my ATV2 to access without success. I’ve followed the steps described in


and that didn’t help anything. What happends is that when I access the “Add Share” menu inside Infuse, the list is empty.


I had a HDD connected to a Airport Extreme before and that worked flawless.


I also used wired connection before. I had to trouble switching to wireless because my ATV2 threw me error messages when connecting to the network, but I finally got it to work. I’ve run the network test to check the connection and everything seems ok.


The laptop is joined in a homegroup with my stationary Win 8 PC using a Netgear CG3100 Modem / Wireless router.


Anyone else here that has a Win 7 share that works or any hints on how to get it to work?