Problem accessing NAS drive, when ISP have a problem with internet connection


today, our ISP had a problem with internet. So I was offline for about 2 hours. I wanted to watch a movie from NAS connected on local network, but I wasn’t able to connect to it from Infuse (on Apple TV 4 or iPad). When the internet went back on-line, it started to work again… Any idea what might be wrong?
At that time, I was able to connect to NAS from iMac or Windows. only Infuse didn’t want to connect and play the movies…
Apple TV -
NAS WD MyCloud EX2 -
SMB connection


Were you able to ping your NAS or connect to it manually through a desktop? If you weren’t I’d recommend sending this to western digital for additional help as this seems like a NAS configuration issue.

Yes, I was able to ping all of my devices and was able to connect to the NAS from iMac and from Windows notebook as usual (read/write, play movies…). The only think I wasn’t able to do was to play the movies from the NAS in Infuse (or even access the NAS from Infuse on Apple TV and iPad). So I would say there is some problem/bug in Infuse…

Do you have icloud and or Trak sync enabled? It may have been trying to check for changes or trying to update metadata. Just a guess.

Yes, I have both enabled, however, I don’t think it’s a problem. I was able to connect to Apple Time Capsule with no problem.

Isn’t time capsule local? iCloud and trak are via Internet which I thought you said were out when you had your issue.

Sure, iCloud and trakt are internet services, but both Time Capsule and NAS are on local network (accessible without need of internet).
The problem wasn’t icloud sync and trakt, the problem was that I couldn’t connect to NAS (on local network) from Infuse, while the internet went down. But was able to connect to nas from other devices (iMac or Windows PC)

What were the symptoms that you couldn’t connect?

I’ve lunched the app on Apple TV, tried to play any movie. When I clicked on it, it showed some error message that there is an error loading that content or something like that (can’t remember what exactly).