Problem accessing external drive

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This is a screen shot of my FTP. I can’t always access my external drive, just shows up as what looks like a shortcut. I can see the files from my ATV but I can’t always access from FTP program. I can’t really figure out the pattern, sometimes it works sometimes it dosn’t . Anyone else ever see this.

I’m on my first week of ownership, but I have the same problem… 98% time I can’t get to the external drive via FTP… Once the external drive showed up as a folder under movies, since then it is back to looking like a link or shortcut and I can’t FTP to the external. Unfortunately, I changed a ton of stuff and it started working for a bit… I’m trying to do the same stuff now to get it to work with no luck… If I figure it out I’ll let you know. please do the same…

Stuff that I think it might be related to:
Unmounting and remounting drive from menu
Boot sequence- whether drive is up before ATV or after.


It sounds trivial, but you may also try hitting the refresh button in Cyberduck to ensure it’s displaying the correct info.

I had this very problem of the external drive showing as a shortcut in Cyberduckie and unable to open it and access files, my work around was to download Fugu ftp client, Fugu still shows the external drive as a shortcut but when you double click on the shortcut it opens the external drive. :mrgreen:

thanks, I’ll give other FTP apps a try.

Confirmed! This is a Cyberduck problem.

Worked fine with Filezilla FTP app.

Thanks for the help.

Had the same problem. My solution was to create a folder in Movies and drag the ‘file’ to that folder and back out again.

I have a post in NitoTv about FTPing and Cyberduck which explain situation

Seems to be a bug in Cyberduck. Using Panic’s Transmit ( or Filezilla ( allows the drive to be accessed normally.

For what’s it worth I know how to resolve this but you have to do it everytime you open Cyberduck.

Create a new folder anywhere, then drag it into the movies folder. Then select the new folder and delete it. This does something (not sure what) that makes Cyberduck then show the external drive as it should. I can’t explain it but it works.


thanks for the tips everyone.