Problem Accessing with my WiFi router

I am unable to access at all while on my home WiFi. I can access any other WebPages using my WiFi except Does anyone else have the same problem?

At the same time whenever I unplugg my WiFi router TP-Link WR542G (hardware version 6 with the latest firmware version) and plugg my computer to internet via Ethernet I can access website. All setting on my computer are authomatic configuration.

The same is with my ATV whenever it is connected to internet through WiFi, the Plug-ins in the Maintenance become unaccessible. As soon as I connect ATV to internet via Ethernet everything works.

I guess the problem is compatibility my WiFi router settings and Again I do not have any problem accessing any other websites with my WiFi except aTVFlash. Can anyone help me to set proparely my WiFi router?

Please DM me your IP address, you can find it easily here: