Problem acces to sharing folder


I don’t know to ask this problem, so sorry.


Well, I search my mac folder where i have the media. When I go to see the movies or music, the aTV Flash, show and error:


“The operation couldn\U2019t be completed  (com.firecore.afpclient error 1987013665)”

The test connection is completed.


Where is the problem??




I’ve had the same issue come up numerous times. I just thought my NAS was asleep or something. If I re-tried accessing it a few times, it typically work. However, often I’d try rebooting LowTide.  I really have no ideas??? :slight_smile:



I have the same problem. I am using beta 7 now, I had to remove beta 6 because at one point I was not able to access my files any more.

It is better on beta 7, but problems persist. Connection test would pass some times and others fail.

“The operation couldn\U2019t be completed (com.firecore.afpclient error 1987013665)”  seems to be a common error after updating to the newest beta. The other thing that happens is a few times a day when you go into your media to play files from my synology the software just reboots.

Sorry, put this in wrong place.