Probleem after Windows 10 update

Last friday I installed the latest Windows 10 update. Sinds then I have a probleem with connecting to my homecomputer.
I know I have to set the folder to sharing. So I did, but still can’t connect.
What do I do wrong?
I use Infuse on my AppleTV 4 and also on my IPad Pro 2020.

On the AppleTV it say’s the combination of my username and Password is wrong. I haven’t changed anything.


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Just double checking, did you make sure sharing permissions were set for the “Everyone” profile manually?

Yes, i did. Several times. When I look at my shares the folder is there and shared with everyone.

This is every time there is a Windows update. But now I can’t fix it.


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Found another user that had problems after a win 10 update. Maybe it will point you in the right direction.

This happened to me two or three months ago something happened to my windows update turned out it knocked out my network I tried to download jelly fin and plex
Neither could not be found on my iPhone or Apple TV
The only thing that helped me was to reset windows 10 luckily I was able to keep my files even though I had to reinstall my programs I actually contacted Windows about this they said it could be because my computer is older
I also had another problem with windows 10 I wasn’t able to login and I had to do another restart last year
I tried to restore it from a restore point but nothing was saved so I had to do a reset

I’m seeing the same problem here, Windows 10 shares stopped working after I updated last week. It just shows a spinner, and I haven’t changed anything in my setup.

Edit: it seems to be a more general problem with Windows updates, see Local network problems with 1903 - Microsoft Community for a similar thread from last year.

Edit 2: In my case, re-enabling the “SMB Direct” Windows Feature (see link above) then restarting solved the issue.

Edit 3: I spoke too fast, I can see my shares on the ipad but not the Apple TV.

Edit 4: what finally solved it was to do a network reset, like described here: How to Reset Network Settings in Windows 10